Friday, September 9, 2011

If you do know how Single Stop USA can help your students, maybe it is time that you do

Single Stop USA is a revolutionary initiative to slash poverty nationally with an approach that is simple, effective and ultimately paradigm-shifting. Read more about their community college initiative here.

Single Stop bridges the information gap separating low-income families from life-changing public benefits, tax credits and other essential services that remain untapped and inaccessible. These basic resources - food, health insurance, child care and tax refunds - increase the likelihood that families are healthy and stable, with parents who work and children who attend school.

Single Stop USA is the ambitious nationwide expansion of Single Stop NY, a remarkably successful program launched by the Robin Hood Foundation to connect the working poor in New York with government funds and services intended for them.

Incorporated as a non-profit in March, 2007, Single Stop USA encompasses the existing New York program, as well new efforts throughout the country. In its first five years, Single Stop USA will deliver $2 billion in benefits to up to a million households.

These efforts change the way America combats poverty by focusing on prevention rather than intervention. Benefits provide a cushion against the small setbacks - a sick child, car trouble, temporary job loss - that can become catastrophes in the lives of the working poor.

Single Stop USA check it out!

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