Thursday, August 25, 2011

WICHE - Western Undergraduate Exchange

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) click here to learn more

If you are a resident of a WICHE state, you are eligible to request a reduced WUE tuition rate of 150% of the resident rate at one of the 145 participating schools in the West. Search our WUE database (see link at right) to see which institutions participate, and which programs they have available at the WUE rate.

Apply for admission directly to the WUE institution(s) of your choice. There is no general WUE application. If the institution that you are applying to uses a hard copy application, mark prominently on the form that you seek admission at the WUE rate. For online applications, check the WUE box and if there is not one provided, contact the school admissions office on how to apply for the WUE discounted rate.
Although some institutions automatically consider applicants from a WICHE state for the WUE rate, most require that you request the special WUE rate at the time of application for admission, or that you apply for the WUE rate through their scholarship or financial aid office.

IMPORTANT: The WUE reduced tuition rate is not automatically awarded to all eligible candidates!!!! You have to ask for it!

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